Full Week Camps August 11th-15th and August 18th-22nd - Focus on Powerskating, shooting, stickhandling, 1 on 1's, battle drills!

Our philosophy for improving player skill, ability and decision making is to simulate game situation drills that the players keep repeating over and over till they get more comfortable, quicker and stronger.

Our shooting drills help the players release the puck quicker and with more accuracy. They will see and respond to more opportunities in regular season games.

Our stick handling program uses obstacles that simulate opponents and we show various ways to beat your opponent 1 on 1 and the players will gain more confidence and use these new moves in games.

We also run drills to strengthen their inside and outside edges to give them the confidence to lean on players, cut sharply and shift side to side to elude their opponents.

Another important area we focus on is protecting your body while engaging in the corners. We bring awareness to situations that happen in games and the players will recognize these situations and feel more comfortable.

We believe it is very important to show the players how to protect themselves with body contact in the game and we give them the understanding of how to position and prepare themselves when being hit and also teach how to position their body when giving a hit. We focus on showing the players how to be aggressive when carrying the puck, how to drive the net and how to protect the puck with their body while being under pressure by their opponent.

Our objective as a development program is to show all these situations and give them the confidence to be stronger, faster and smarter than their opposition.

Please bring 2 sticks and water bottle.